About us


                      To achieve the glorious and challenging task of making the learning and performing of Music and Performing Arts, a mainstream life and livelihood of its aspirants and proponents, thereby,to make it an integral part of the mainstream of knowledge base in our state and country.



                      Traditional arts and all forms of intangible heritage of Karnataka, the Music and Performing arts constitute a veritable repository of traditional knowledge system and culture with immense potential for academic harness, public outreach and transformation of multiple modern documentation techniques.

                      The realization that reconstruction of these arts through pertaining, performing, promoting, and propagating identity in its entire ramification can be achieved through systematic ethnography and inter-cultural studies and that this mammoth task can only be completed through a university Endeavour in the 21st century paradigm has led to the establishment of Karnataka state Dr. Gangubai Hangal Music and Performing Arts .This University has been conceived as a nodal centre of learning as well as a major hub of intellectual exchange among scholars and the society at large.